Utes Island DayZ Showdown Kicks Off at 1:00PM PT!

The stream is going live at at 4:00PM ET (1:00PM PT)!

If you've been following events here on FPS General, you'll be familiar with the King of the Hill tournaments that we've been planning alongside

If not, the brief back story here is that we're going to be running a series of tournaments each week in a variety of games, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and DayZ. Each week we will be crowning a new King of the Hill in each game we're playing. It's not all about shooters, however, as we have matches going in League of LegendsWorld of WarcraftWorld of Tanks and more.

This week's DayZ Showdown is going to be particularly special, as we're going to be hosting the battle on Utes Island instead of the traditional Chernarus. Our version of Utes is totally customized for the DayZ Showdown, however.

With that being the case, some of the rules have changed, namely:

  • 10 new vehicles have been added (Evo Go-Kart Plane Old-Motorbike Offroad-motorbike Tractor Humvee Bicycle Ambulance The-Beast)
  • 4 New Player Models
  • 46 New Weapons
  • New Camp
  • New Spawn system

Utes Island will also feature some new enemies on the map, in addition to the ever present threat of other players. The rest of the rules are the same, so be sure to check out previous DayZ Showdown posts to check those out.

As with every King of the Hill tournament, the winner will walk away with $100 prize money and the title of Curse's DayZ King of the Hill for the week.

Interested in applying? Send an email to [email protected], just introducing yourself and sharing a bit of your DayZ history with us; how you got into the game, how often you play and what you think makes you a good fit for the tournament.


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