Brand New DayZ Screenshots, More Interiors and Still No Zombies

Dean 'Rocket' Hall has released some brand new screenshots of the upcoming standalone version of DayZ, once again showing off some of the interior decorating that the team has been working on for the past few months. 

While it's great to see even a little bit of DayZ in action, we'd sure like to see some some combat, an updated UI system or, shoot, maybe a zombie or three. It is a zombie-survival game, after all, isn't it? The screenshots do look great, the environments are gorgeous both indoors and out. With a game that relies so heavily on a convincing and engaging game world, we can respect the desire for Rocket to show us exactly how he's improving that game world from the ArmA II mod that was DayZ's original form.

While the lack of zombies and action is a little disappointing, Rocket was more keen to speak about the lack of gore and rotting corpses that players have come to expect from a post-zombie-outbreak game world.

Quote from

Overall, we believe the experience should have a style more akin to “The Road” rather than gore for gore’s sake. When you find gore in DayZ, it will mean something and have impact. In fact, it will be most likely due to tragedy or betrayal involving a human player. This way, we believe what happens in the world matters, instead of simply adding some crashed buses and blood everywhere.

At any rate, the full gallery of screenshots is below. Give them a once-over and let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: DayZ Blog 

Gallery: Standalone Part 2



  • #10 LiquidPwnage

    @xtelemonx, yeah same here :P I run on my crappy refurbished laptop. 

    This whole "where's the zombies" thing they are doing on purpose to build excitement and suspense. I wouldn't be too surprised if the first sights of zombies you will see are in the standalone trailer or in the actual game itself.

  • #4 xtelemonx

    looks pretty but my first thought was "my pc will never run that..."

    Last edited by xtelemonx: 10/26/2012 7:39:25 PM
  • #3 kamikan22

    lol remake of the game with more graphics is not what people want, specially when the arma engine is so shitty on performance xD

    Last edited by kamikan22: 10/24/2012 2:24:11 PM
  • #5 puxnid

    Quote from kamikan22 »

    lol remake of the game with more graphics is not what people want, specially when the arma engine is so shitty on performance xD

    That's why they are doing the stand alone version.

    It doesn't mean they've been putting arma2 engine and apply the mod on an easy installation, they're reprogrammig most of it so that it's going to be better on performance that arma was in the past.

    Also emprooving hitboxes, physics engine, textures, bug free, it's a 1.5 version of the mod in a sort point of view.

  • #6 kamikan22

    it is arma3 engine, so stuff probably will be very good or very bad, specially if they are rushing so much to have the game this year xD

  • #7 puxnid


    Really it going to be arma3 engine?? Interesting! Since Arma3 actually it's not released yet...

  • #8 SteveNBS

    Yeah i heard that it is on the Arma3 engine too. It's not hard to believe because the engine for Arma 3 would be done by now anyways.

  • #1 SteveNBS

    Yeah where are the zombies......

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