Good Guy Dean Hall: Creates DayZ, Kills Fellow Survivor One Time

One of the best and simultaneously worst aspects of DayZ is the constant-on PvP elements. At any given time in Chernarus, you may be gunned down by a fellow survivor for absolutely no reason at all. Trust doesn't really exist in DayZ. If you are a survivor, you are a target.

This doesn't hold true for everyone, however, as DayZ creator Dean 'Rocket' Hall can attest to. In an interview recently, Hall revealed that he has only killed a fellow survivor in his game one time - and even then, it was an impulse and he still isn't quite sure what came over him.

The incident happened near Cherno, where Dean was playing with a group of friends. Spotting a fellow survivor, Hall and his group tried calling out to him, letting him know that they were friendly. The player saw the group and ran for the hills...

“I started firing some warning shots and I just kept firing. I don’t know what compelled me. The next minute, I see him fall over. I struggled, trying to understand why. I did it out of morbid curiosity. I wouldn't say I was revolted — at the end of the day it’s still a game, but it didn't make sense to me.”

Check out Dean Hall's full interview with at There isn't a wealth of new information, but it's a good read for the diehard DayZ fanatics out there.

If you're looking for more information on DayZ and what the game is all about, visit the DayZ Wiki  at


  • #2 Artjom95

    I never killed a guy. I spot other players for my mate, but i do not kill. Thats my problem. And on Taviana i got killed by a guy only once: Reason? just for fun.

    I run around with SAW and DMR, so maybe it will work and everybody who sees me goes for his live. Anyway, if you ever play with two guys called blackside and Knife. This is my friend and me.

  • #1 LiquidPwnage

    I've only killed one other player myself, and it was a in full rush of adrenaline and pure shock. I found myself face to face with another player in the forest of Namalsk. I told him not to shoot and I was friendly, stupidly he raised his makarov into my face, so I raised my FAL into his. I don't know if I am proud or disgusted with myself, I am a person who doesn't kill unless need be but still, I've been killed by players dozens of times and I don't like to die. I hope that he wasn't too discouraged.

    Anyways enough of my rant, my point I guess is that PVP creates excitement, but at the same time it can really piss you off if it goes downhill on top of you.

    I hope the standalone doesn't make it more of a PVP game like WarZ is.

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