DayZ Standalone Update, November 2012

Dean 'Rocket' Hall has posted a brand new blog update, detailing the progress that the team is making on the upcoming standalone version of DayZ.

In yesterday's post, Rocket revealed that the focus right now is entirely on the tech side of things, rather than features and design. He stressed that they are focusing on providing the most stable experience and tweaking the framework so that they have the option to make customized weapons a reality when the game launches. With the focus not being on features, for the time being, there may be some worry that DayZ won't hit the 2012 mark for their release, but Rocket is confident that they will hit target date.

Let me make this very clear, our foundation release (targeted for this year), is simply the beginning. We are committed to a period of development of at least 12 months beyond that. Our aim is to make this foundation strong, and use that time to improve the mechanics not through hacks, but through sound and quality development.

Our initial build will test that this base architecture works.


We are still working towards a target for an initial foundation before the end of the year. But we will slip this date if needed, we will not compromise the project for the short-term gain of meeting this date. The reasons for any slippage would be publicly discussed, and would most likely represent a failure personally on my part to plan correctly.

For our money, we would much rather have a release date be pushed back than a broken game be released on schedule. 

Check out the blog post at the source link below and visit the DayZ Wiki for more information on the game!

Source: DayZ Tumblr


  • #2 Smokie

    I think it's fun to play a game that's in development because you can give the devs valuable feedback and input.

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  • #1 Molsterr

    For our money, we would much rather have a release date be pushed back than a broken game be released on schedule.

    On a personal level, id rather get a broken game now, and have something to play for the x months while they are working on it, than have nothing to play for those x months :P. (But that's me, however doing that does tend to hurt sales/ lets hope no such thing happens)

    What do others think?

    <pre>still, good news that it should be hitting by this year</pre>


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