DayZ Up For Mod of the Year on ModDB

Mod DB, one of the most widely used resources for community made mods, has opened up voting for their 11th annual Mod of the Year awards. The awards are voted for by the community and will be announced early next year. As usual, there are some amazing mods up for voting, including DayZ which is being voted on for the first time.

If you're not familiar with DayZ, here is what the game is about in a nutshell. Players must survive in Chernarus - a fictional city in the game world that has been completely overrun by zombies. Survivors are few and far between and consist entirely of other players. To survive in Chernarus, players will need to forage for weapons, food, water, medicine and other supplies. The game is unforgiving, though, and if you die, that's it; your gear and weapons are gone. The idea was to survive from the zombies, but the real challenge is surviving from other players.

Every time you set foot in Chernarus, you are a living, breathing target for other players. Your loot is what they want and they'll kill you to have a crack at it.

Originally released as a modification for Bohemia Interactive's ArmA II, DayZ is currently being developed as a standalone title. The team hopes to have a release available in 2012, but have stated that they will push the game back if it isn't ready before the year's end.

If you own ArmA II, you can download DayZ for free at If you're unfamiliar with the game entirely, you should definitely visit, the complete DayZ resource for information on the game, Chernarus, weapons, items, zombies and so much more.

To vote for DayZ on Mod DB, simply visit and click the button to nominate DayZ for Mod of the Year.


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