Dean Hall on The War Z: 'I Am Angry...I'm Very Angry'

Dean Hall, the developer who is sometimes known as Rocket and who's stellar ArmA II mod DayZ took the gaming community by storm last year, isn't very happy with Hammerpoint Interactive and The War Z.

In a post on Reddit yesterday, Hall was asked to clarify on some comments he had made in reference to The War Z. Specifically, he was asked to expound on a statement in which he said that, "I didn't do the last update because we held off on things, given the fiasco of the WarZ scenario and the intensity of the hate I received from people confusing WarZ with DayZ made me really not feel very positive."

Hall explains further:

I don't think I've ever said they weren't competition. But I have said, as I did above, that competition doesn't necessarily mean lower prices or better quality for the consumer (automatically). It can actually mean that companies get carried away competing for something that isn't important (such as perception, or marketing).

I am angry about the WarZ. I'm very angry. I'm quite hurt personally because anyone can see how similar the words are, and while the average gamer knows the difference individual people don't. I've had family members/close friends mistake the difference and confront me about what they believed was unethical behavior they thought I was making. I really don't think anyone can understand just quite how exasperated that can make you feel when you've gambled everything on something, put your whole self and reputation on the line.

So it hasn't made my life very pleasant and I disagree entirely with the conduct and how consumers have been treated.

He continues on to say that, while he is frustrated with the situation and the confusion that has sprung up around the two games, he doesn't seem to think that The War Z is a 'scam' (which it clearly isn't).

As far as we're concerned, the two games are not identical and there is more than enough room for both. But we're curious what you think; has The War Z done wrong by being similar to DayZ in both name and gameplay? Is Dean Hall overreacting here or do you think he has a legitimate reason to be concerned? Let us know in the comments, we're curious to see where you stand on the debate.

Source: Reddit via Kotaku


  • #8 Lostrogath

    I personally think WarZ is partly a scam, as they false advertised it, but you do get something, so it isn't a full scam. But really, who wants to pay 20 bucks for a shitty game that was rushed out as a cash mine, when you can get a decent game for FREE? Then their microtransactions in WarZ, dear god.

  • #7 gamer123321123

    Well main thing is, Hammerpoint or what ever has become a bullshit company, it was impressed by explosion of DayZ so guess what? Lets rip it off by making WarZ, which is compared to DayZ shit, now you haters back off.

    DayZ is free, while you have to pay for WarZ which is by comments of hammerpoint "complete and fully working", on first few days of v1.0 game would crash every 5-10 minutes, zombies were invincible on common occasion, you would fall throu the world more than often, ALL of screenshot sent EVEN to steam are fake, most of locations do not exist, zombies can not do 70% of things they appear to do, while shots with players and NPCs did not ever happen every single promising screenshot is total bullshit(blame them for making shit game, not me for telling the truth).

    I do not say DayZ is perfect, but DayZ is still Alpha, while WarZ is already offical 1.0 version which is more bug and hacker infested than worst DayZ servers together, they claim servers can hold OVER 100 players, while ever 50 player ones are rare, BIG updates to WarZ are all just transfers from War Inc. which are "difficult but worth it",every update they put out is just more and more bugs,hacker make up 60% of players, it as game is 99% Pay-to-Win, while that lone 1% makes up for moded private servers.

    Only good thing about WarZ is the WarZ Rise of the Infected, which is as good as DayZ and I recommend it, it is million times better than WarZ, tons of less bugs, more realistic gameplay, and better graphics and better zombies.

    DayZ had lot more bugs than WarZ but they are half way throu most common and annoying bugs, only major problem is how to reduce number of "Bandits" aka PvP oriented players, survival is easy if you give more attention and focus, its constantly improving, and we all fair gamers hope for a solid release of v1.0 DayZ before the end of 2013.

    All in all, DayZ = alpha,free,most bugs fixed WarZ= complete,expensive .bug infested and only reason it exists is DayZ it self, Sergey or something should be ashamed of him self for fooling gamers world wide and ruining Dean's reputation and trying to steal his work.

    On final note, stop being blind folded fan boys and start looking from different perspective, DayZ was good, is good, and is getting better, WarZ was bad , is bad, and is getting worse with cheap rip offs, I really can't find 1 good thing about WarZ to make up a decent argument againt it.

  • #5 imbaRAWR

    I started out playing DayZ but after some time the bugs and the glitches made me too angry to enjoy it anymore and I turned to WarZ instead. WarZ has alot in common with DayZ, too much according to some, but it was needed to have a standalone game and not just a mod.

    That WarZ wasn't much better than DayZ made me quite disappointed. A standalone game with those issues of disconnecting, loading game data, hackers etc. just made things terrible. I still think it's a good idea that WarZ was released since it might lead to DayZ getting some ideas from them and really make sure they have a good working game before release.

  • #4 Warrdog

    My experience is a little different than many that commented here. I started playing DayZ first and then moved to Warz on Oct 15th when it launched and have been playing it almost daily ever since. Why haven't I gone back to DayZ if it's so great? I'll tell you was a steaming pile of ...*crap*... full of bugs and hackers worse than your worst nightmare.

    There's a lot of talk about how WarZ is just trying to rip people off...and DayZ is like a Saint...what a joke. After having to buy 2 games at full price to play their poorly made zombie mod...which is an awesome concept btw...zombie shooter gotta love it...but horrible execution...doors breaking your legs, zombies walking through walls, backpacks eating your gear etc etc you would think they'd give some kind of discount...nope they know people are disappointed with WarZ, good game but terrible dev they are gonna be charging full price with extra payments for content down the about a money grab....even after making millions from the 2 games people bought to play the mod and have been supporting them since.

    I was actually very surprised they gave the lead development of the standalone to Dean since he botched the mod so much but I guess because it was his mod idea they gave him a second chance. So far he's missed 2 deadlines that he promised wouldnt be missed and the game still isn't even out yet....oh and apparently its gonna look almost the same with no mention of fixing the broken gameplay [can you say 'wtf sniped AGAIN!!] least we'll be able to enter some of the buildings now [nobody talks about that either]. 

    Basically according to Dean himself they were going to do some minor tweaks and make it more server side to minimize hackers and release it but after seeing the blunders of WarZ has kept pushing their dates back since they know they wouldn't get any sales whatsoever if they didn't put out something half-decent.

    Don't get me wrong I'm really hoping DayZ is a HUGE improvement over the mod but to crap on WarZ like DayZ is some shining example of how things SHOULD be done is a total crock of sh*t.  It'll be interesting to see how many come running back to WarZ when the standalone comes out...if they haven't fixed their massive hacking issues, broken zombies and game-play I think it'll be a LOT.

  • #6 AtotehZ

    You just don't get it. They could've called "The War Z" something like 'Survivor' or 'Zombieland' or whatever. They decided to make it a complete knock off, even the name. The layout of buildings also resemble each other.

    The zombies of The War Z are also more broken than the ones in DayZ.

    The War Z is more polished in some of the areas where a standalone has an advantage, but the game itself is utter bullshit. It is a very cheap imitation.

  • #3 AtotehZ

    I made the mistake myself. I had heard the rumors about a Day Z standalone back in July or August I think it was. Then I heard about War Z, or "The War Z" as it's called(doh!), and I was sure that this was it. The negative reception came as a surprise to me, some of the things I heard didn't add up. Only then did I find out that it was a different publisher.

    If I can make this mistake, many others can. I only found out because I knew who Rocket was by name and that he definitely wasn't named Sergey Titov.

    It is a clear knock off of Day Z. They can deny it if they want to, but it is just too obvious in both timing, name and objectives.

    I am looking forward to seeing the Day Z standalone out there, and I'll be sure to let me mates know when it happens as well.

  • #2 kingyuup

    I think The WarZ is simply a knock off of DayZ. I understand that they have their differences but I believe the makers of WarZ saw DayZ and saw how it boosted Arma II sales on steam and they thought, "Well I suppose if we make a game like this it'll make us loads of money!" I haven't played WarZ but I have seen videos and it looks quite similar to DayZ which i frequently play and enjoy very much. I do hope that WarZ can fix all the problems they have been having, I haven't looked into it too much but my understanding is that they sold it on Steam but removed it after a little while and they didn't refund the purchases? Correct me if I'm wrong. With all that being said I do see some of the Pros to the WarZ. The WarZ inventory management looks pretty nice compared to Arma II's, but I suppose you can't blame DayZ for that, it is after all just a mod and I read that they are going to make it much better in the standalone (which I am super excited for). I do like the character editor in WarZ and how you can have multiple characters on one account, it's something DayZ should implement into the standalone. (If they steal your name steal all their ideas!) I feel very bad for Rocket, he made an excellent mod and thousands of people love it and now with the WarZ basically stealing his name and making him look bad because of the confusion he is probably going to loose some determination to make the game. I hope you never give up and make the best game ever! As for the WarZ, I hope they can fix their game and maybe try to differentiate it from DayZ a little more. 

  • #1 LegionOfShadows

    Hell yes, he should be angry.

    Not only has a company taken a similar name to his game, come out right after DayZ's explosion, and then say it was working on the game before Dean, he has gotten hate mail from people about a game he had nothing to do with, thanks to the shitty business practices of Hammerpoint. He has gambled so much on DayZ, and this game is risking it.


    Good on him for being angry. Good on him for pointing out the absolute shit that The WarZ is. The only way for them to possibly make up for this is to say, right on the first page, that it is IN NO WAY AFFILIATED WITH DAYZ. Yet, do they do that? No, they continue  misinforming consumers and making profit off of one of the best games ever.

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