Corridor Digital Debut Their Live-Action DayZ Short Film

Corridor Digital is known for their amazing work on YouTube, putting together some amazing short films including today's release; After DayZ. The short film is incredible and manages to capture the bleak atmosphere that we've come to love in DayZ.

When you step foot into Chernarus for the first time, there's nothing quite like it. The world, so vibrantly realized thanks to the ArmA engine, is stark and desolate. It won't take long for you to realize that you are well and truly alone in this world...or so it seems. Make your way to the nearest town and you'll quickly come in contact with mobs of soulless undead, shambling aimlessly across the barren streets. But in Chernarus, zombies are the least of your concern. The true threat lies in other players and whether or not you can trust them. Choose to put your faith in them and you might find yourself betrayed a mile down the road, all your weapons and loot stolen from your lifeless corpse.

You just never know, and it is this suspense and mistrust that Corridor Digital has managed to capture on film. The video is awesome, and we definitely recommend giving it a view at the top of this page. For more on DayZ, you can always visit the DayZ Wiki at


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