Dean Hall Unleashes His Inner Zombie in Latest DayZ Dev Blog

Check out the latest developer diary from the guys at Bohemia Interactive as they visit the motion capture studio to do capture some brand new zombie animation. This 23 minute developer blog is a must-watch for anyone who is anticipating DayZ as much as we are.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect is that Dean Hall himself dons the motion capture suit. We would be hard pressed to find another lead developer who is willing to do his own motion capture, let alone someone who puts as much of himself into the performance as Rocket does in this developer video.

All of the motion capture artists are great and we can't wait to see how this translates into some amazing new zombie animations.

DayZ is rapidly becoming one of our most anticipated games of this year, so make sure you stick with us as we continue to follow development on the game! If you're currently playing the DayZ mod, make sure you stop by the DayZ Wiki at for all of your DayZ needs, from full maps of the game world to loot guides and everything in between.



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