Dead Space 3

Visceral Games Previews Co-Op in Dead Space 3

Visceral Games has released a brand new trailer for Dead Space 3, focusing on the cooperative side of the game. Players can opt to play through the game with a friend, rather than going it alone.

In doing so, the second player will take on the role of John Carver. Carver, unfortunately, has a very troubled past that has led him to his current battle with dementia and hallucinations. Having witness firsthand a Necromorph outbreak that forced him to fight through hordes of beasts as he struggled to reach his family, Carver still strugles with these issues. Periodically, Carver will become consumed by hallucinations and Isaac must defend him from the real-world threat of Necromorphs on Tau Volantis. This can be evidenced in the trailer below.

Whether or not you play cooperatively is totally up to you and with the drop-in, drop-out system, it seems like it's going to be pretty easy to join up with a friend online.

Dead Space 3 is set to arrive on February 5th, 2013 in North America on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The game will ship in Europe on February 8th.



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