Previewing Defiance's Cooperative Game Mode

Trion Worlds has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming MMOFPS, Defiance. The preview shows off a ton of aspects from the game, but focuses on the cooperative aspects of Defiance specifically.

Defiance is a game that we are really looking forward to checking out in 2013. If you're not familiar, Defiance is both a television program on SyFy Channel and an MMOFPS being released by Trion Worlds later this year. We always liked the concept behind Clone Wars Adventures in the Star Wars universe, but the game never really suited our tastes. Defiance, on the other hand, looks to be exactly what the doctor ordered. A massive online game world, supported directly with a SyFy show that looks like something we would watch regardless of whether a game was involved or not.

In the trailer, we get a preview of just how massive this game is going to be with a huge amount of players joining in on one battle. We also get to see some of the bosses that players will be battling in Defiance, as well as the environments that those battles will be taking place in. Defiance takes place in a ruined San Francisco Bay area and looks fantastic.

We love San Francisco, and really don't want to see it ravaged by aliens, but it sure is beautiful in Defiance.


Check out the latest Defiance trailer and let us know what you think in the comments! Make sure you visit to enlist for the upcoming closed beta test.


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