Announcing DefianceForum.Com, Your Complete Resource for Defiance! is proud to bring a brand new site into the family with! The team here is really excited for Trion Worlds' upcoming MMOFPS Defiance and we wanted to provide a one-stop resource for players to convene, share strategies, make friends and discuss this amazing game with like-minded fans!

If you're not familiar with the game, Defiance is both an upcoming MMOFPS in-development at Trion Worlds and a SyFy original program. Both of these mediums will serve to tell the story of Von Bach Industries and the Ark Hunters in San Francisco, in two unique ways. The TV show will be a chance for fans to immerse themselves completely in the lore and continuing story while the MMOFPS is a chance to get your boots on the ground and become an Ark Hunter yourself.

We'll be covering everything from the world of Defiance, including guides, tutorials, news and discussion from the world of the game as well as episode lists and recaps when the show makes its big debut on SyFy Channel later this year. In addition to all of our coverage, the wiki team has also put together a hub on Gamepedia, so make sure you check that out as well!

The game is just starting to heat up and there's so much to look forward to from both Trion Worlds and SyFy Channel as Defiance picks up speed in 2013. Everyone here at FPS General and Curse are looking forward to Defiance and we hope you join us at!

We'll see you there, Ark Hunters.


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