Destiny Promo Materials Arrive at Gamestop

Destiny might not be revealed until this Sunday, but that doesn't meant that all is quiet on that front. Buzz over Bungie Studios' next game has steadily been building over the last few months and it's all coming to a head this weekend. Arriving at Gamestop in advance of Sunday's announcement are some promotional materials for the game, showing some concept art and offering scant details about what the game has to offer.

According to the materials, players will be able to create a unique character and unlock weapons, gear and vehicles in the game world of Destiny. The game is billed as a first-person shooter with both competitive and cooperative aspects to it, including 'public and social activities'. The posters themselves are pretty barebones, featuring key art and some character shots with the word "Fallen" emblazoned across one, in stylized text.

Check them out after the break and make sure you stay tuned to FPS General as we follow this weekend's big unveiling!

Source: Joystiq



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