Bungie's Destiny Officially Coming to PlayStation 4

Last night, Sony officially lifted the lid on the PlayStation 4 and with that announcement came a slew of new titles being revealed. In the case of Bungie's Halo-successor Destiny, we learned that it would not only ship on the PlayStation 3 but the next-generation PlayStation 4 as well.

This news was not entirely unexpected as Destiny is projected to span across multiple titles for the next 10 years. With the PlayStation 3's lifespan gradually coming to an end over the last year, it was inevitable that Destiny would arrive on the PlayStation 4 in some capacity but it's great to hear none the less. At last night's Sony event, Bungie's Jason Jones was on hand to make the announcement.

Jones said that he felt that Destiny and the PlayStation 4 are a great fit together because both the game and the console are always connected and make such good use of that connectivity. 

Chances are, Destiny will also be arriving on the next-generation Xbox 360 but we'll have to wait a little bit longer until Microsoft is ready to start talking about that console. In the meantime, check out Destiny at


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