Bungie's Latest Mail Sack Reveals New Destiny Concept Art

Bungie Studios made headlines this week with the announcement that their Halo-sucessor Destiny would be arriving on the PlayStation 4 in addition to both current generation consoles.

With a franchise that is projected to span 10 years, it makes sense that Destiny would end up on next-generation consoles but it's great to hear that players won't have to wait long to get their hands on the next-gen version of the game, as it will likely ship alongside the PlayStation 4 this Holiday season. In their latest Mail Sack, Bungie developers have answered a bunch of fan questions on the world of Destiny and even revealed a brand new piece of concept art which you can see above.

In the Mail Sack, Bungie talked briefly about the PlayStation 4 announcement and pre-order incentives. On that second front, they said:

There are three pre-order incentives currently available at select, participating retailers. There’s a two-sided poster available at GameStop and EB Games Canada featuring artwork of the Traveler over Earth on one side, and the Fallen on the other. Select retailers outside of the US also have the Traveler art, but the B-side is occupied by the Cabal. We’re working to get the full list of non-US participants, but if you ring up your local shop, they should be able to confirm whether or not they’re on the list.

If you pre-order through, they’re currently offering a digital wallpaper featuring the Destiny logo and the inky, black starfield backdrop you’re probably well familiar with.

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