Official Dishonored Community Kills Video Released

Last month, Bethesda put out the call to arms for Dishonored players, requesting their best piece of game footage to be used in a future compilation.

The community responded and Bethesda has released 'Killer Moves', the official community compilation video for Dishonored. The video is awesome, and features some amazing kills, supernatural power combos and some lethal stealth action. These are truly the best of the best and show you how flexible Dishonored is - something that we have absolutely been loving about the game since it came out.

If you want to go wild in Dishonored and rush through a mission with your pistol blazing and sword slashing, you can do it. You won't have an easy time of it, but it's possible. Alternatively, if you want to ignore the supernatural powers, go right ahead. Nothing in the game requires you to do anything one particular way and most missions have multiple paths to arrive at the same location, giving you complete flexibility as to how you want to play Dishonored.

Check out the video above to see some of the best community clips in action and visit for more information on the game!


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