Dishonored Dunwall City Trials DLC Available December 11th, Screenshots Released

Bethesda Softworks has released some fresh details on the Dunwall City Trials DLC that will be heading to Dishonored next month, including our first look at some screenshots from the content update.

In Dishonored, you take on the role of Corvo, an assassin with some intense supernatural abilities. It is these abilities that make Dishonored such a flexible, amazing game. Play each mission as stealthily as you can, if you want, using your abilities to traverse the rooftops above and out of sight. If that's not your style, go loud with your weapons and abilities like Devouring Swarm which calls upon a horde of rats to kill and consume your targets. The choice is completely yours as to how you want to play Dishonored, from varying routes to completely disparate playstyles.

Dunwall City Trials delivers 10 unique challenge maps that will make use of Corvo's supernatural abilities in combat, stealth and mobility. Some maps have you fighting off waves of Tallboys or taking out as many enemies as possible, using your weapons, gadgets and abilities. All of these new missions have one common theme; play them your way, however you best deal with the current situation. Have you mastered the drop assassination? Then Blink your way across the upper levels of these maps, taking out enemies as you go at your discretion. The choice is always yours.

We have some screenshots of Dunwall City Trials at the bottom of this post. The content arrives in Dishonored on all platforms on December 11th, for $4.99 (400 MSP).

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