This is Everything That 'Knife of Dunwall' Adds to Dishonored

Bethesda released the latest DLC add-on for Dishonored this morning, in the Knife of Dunwall expansion. 

We know that the content tells the story of Daud and his band of assassins known as The Whalers. While Corvo Attano got the blame for the death of the Empress in Dishonored, Daud is the man truly responsible for the crime. Daud is no stranger to assassinations but for some reason, the death of the Empress weighed more heavily on him than previous murders.

The story is fascinating, but what about the new gadgets and weapons that Daud is promised to be able to wield?

We spent some time with Knife of Dunwall today, and here is everything that the expansion brings to the table.



Void Gaze

This is basically the replacement for the beating heart that Corvo was given by The Outsider in the core game of Dishonored.

Void Gaze gives Daud the ability to seek out runes and bone charms in the missions in Knife of Dunwall.


Summon Assassin

This is the only really true new power that Daud has at his disposal. When using Summon Assassin, Daud will, believe it or not. Aptly named.

This assassin will fight whoever you target or take on the nearest enemy. 

Weapons & Equipment

Daud's Wristbow

The only new weapon that Daud has at his disposal is the Wristbow. This is a wrist-mounted crossbow similar to Corvo's crossbow.

It is mounted on the wrist which makes for some deliciously gruesome rear assassinations.

Arc Mines

Similar to the Spring Razor that Corvo was able to use in Dishonored, Daud's Arc Mines are placed on the ground to await an enemy.

Rather than delivering a nasty tangle of razor wire, the Arc Mine delivers its payload with an arc of electricity.

The death is similar to that of a Wall of Light. Brief and to the point.

Choke Gas

The final addition to Daud's arsenal is Choke Gas. This is basically a tool for Daud to use when he wants to just GTFO. Thrown in the face of an enemy, Choke Gas causes them to choke and lose their much-enjoyable ability to breathe oxygen. 

Naturally, they find themselves distracted by their suffocation and Daud is free to zip away at his leisure. 

In our experience, the story is what really sells Knife of Dunwall. We were a little disappointed in the arsenal available for Daud to use, but the story is so interesting that it more than makes up for the lack of creativity in the powers and items that Daud is given in today's DLC.

Did you pick up the Knife of Dunwall DLC today? If so, we're curious, what is your favorite aspect of the expansion?



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