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Update: Do You Play EVE Online? We're Giving Away 15 Billion ISK!

Update: The winner has been chosen! By random number generation, with bonus points for sheer awesomeness, BeauEnnui is walking away with 15 billion ISK! Congratulations, Beau, don't spend it all in one place. 

FPS General is giving away a massive amount of in-game currency for all of you EVE Online fans - wait, EVE Online? Isn't this a shooter blog...didn't I click...

Okay, before you get too worried about why we're talking about an MMO on an FPS blog, here's the deal; FPS General is giving away an absolute smorgasbord of EVE Online currency - known as Interstellar Kredits or, simply, ISK. Now, you know us. When we host giveaways, we host giveaways. That's why we're giving away 15,000,000,000 ISK. That's 15 billion in-game dollars. Not million, but billion. Three extra 0's on the end there.

If you haven't played EVE Online, winning 15 billion ISK would be a great way to get yourself started. This is easily one of the most popular and durable MMO's, allowing players to build their own massive empire in space, buying ships and making the choice to subjugate everyone you come in contact with or to set up strategic alliances with established corporations. EVE Online is a massive offering and even more so when you remember that it has a sister game; DUST 514, the PlayStation 3-exclusive first-person shooter. DUST and EVE players can work together, with both games being hosted on the same core servers, allowing some really fascinating interaction across the games. EVE players can issue contracts to DUST 514 soldiers and will actually be responsible for coordinating air strikes (that will take place in DUST 514) to help the DUST mercenary get their job done.

For the EVE player, 15 billion ISK will go a long way towards building your empire and getting yourself in a position where you can begin to offer DUST 514 players various contracts, assigning them missions to help further your galactic power.

All you have to do to be eligible to win is:

Good luck!



  • #68 JammyWaffles

    I would like to win the 15 bil because it would help me build up my character and big ships to own others in

  • #67 Deepcage

    I'd probably just turn it into PLEX and play free for a looooong time. (and buy a jacuzzi in real life from the money it would save me on playing EVE/)

  • #66 pdelange

    I will be quitting EVE in a few weeks and REALLY need the ISK for a big farewell giveaway in JITA 4-4 !!!11

  • #65 jaexjo

    Dear FPS Giveaway,

    I am in desperate need of this giveaway, because I know my true destiny and my duty to win this giveaway to achieve my long standing goals of greatness. My whole life has been a string of failures, toughening me and molding me for this opportunity. I once tried out for Bruce Lee as a student, but I was deemed unworthy and had to make the rest of the class noodles instead while meditating how horrible I was. I arm wrestled Chuck Norris and have lost  the use of my left limb. I tried to speak to the most interesting man in the world, but he mistook me for the waiter and gave me his then empty bottle of Dos X. Every time I shower, a gorgeous man appears in my living room telling my girlfriend that I'll never look like him, but I might be able to smell like him. As soon as he leaves my house with my girlfriend in one arm and in the other arm tickets to that thing she loves, a large black muscular man with pulsating shoulder and pectorals runs through my bathroom destroying my shower with the power of cleanliness.

    You see, my whole life is a sign and preparation for this. One day I will invade the private homes of EVE Online players with the sheer awesomeness in a real life Jump freighter, Amarrian slaves and Gallante pleasure bodies in hand, all thanks to this giveaway. I will be the vehicle of destiny that will help all the players with the pleasure of being in contact with me to be as awesome as the gods, universe, and old Eden meant them to be.

    Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you after you join me making destiny.

  • #64 Lofty001

    Put your spoiler here.

     great starting funds to start a new player generated corp help I g new players with day to day living in EVE of


  • #63 SauceofGlory

    My Rifters will blot out the sun!

  • #62 MoebiuZ

    I should win because I have a chance

  • #61 Patris1

    More ISKs = more PVP = more Fun! Give me a chance to be unbreakable and rule the universe!


    Last edited by Patris1: 1/4/2013 3:44:55 PM
  • #60 rkangel

    I could try the things I have never tried before as we all know : "Don't fly what you cannot afford!"

    NOW I CAN!!!


    P.S. They see me rollin' ....

  • #59 SparkyParky

    Not only do I have three accounts to pay for but i need the funds to buy the parts to build a rorqual in our corp wormhole! We spend about 75 million a week just in POS fuel and that would go a lonng long way for us. Also I need to buy a nice shiney incursion ship (not cheap). Think of the alts man! Think of the alts!

  • #58 GreenHornz

    Would like the ISK to CRASH Jita Market! 15bil is a start but will work ! and will force market to pay my prices and Double my profit!! bwhahaha!!!

  • #57 Plainace

    Why you ask?

    PVP is expensive, man! I can't just go around getting myself killed all the time. The costs add up quickly!

    What would I do with it?

    By as many ships as possible and then pew pew all day.


  • #56 maxs

    ... beause I forgot to buy a christmas gift for my wife. Now she's upset and I have lots of time to play EVE :)

  • #55 Arixsos

    For my mom. She will never see me sleeping on my keyboard again. No more hard work for plex :D. Only PVP until out of ISK :)

  • #54 punkwish1

    I want to win the universe, and dominate the stars!!

  • #53 punkwish1
    I want to win the universe, and dominate the stars!!
  • #52 Epicman155

    I should win the money so I can make it RAAAAAAAAAIIIIIN!!!!!!!

  • #49 abudhabu

    I want to buy the f***king station.

  • #48 Parkodin

    I would love the isk because i have been playing for a while but i have never really goten the isk to do what i want to do in the game my account has over 40msp but my tottal wallet is around a 0.5b... ii think i deserve to win the isk because then it would go to some one who really likes the game but never really got the ingame currency to run around and explore among the things i would most likely do are
    -buy a pimped carrier 
    - a Wh legion
    - cloky proteus ganker ahah
    So if yar feeling like sheering some holiday cheer then i´m your man. 

  • #47 smorgesborg

    I deserve the ISK because I love the game. I've only been playing 4 days, and I already decided to get it by paying the one time I can. The only problem is that once those extra 30 days run out, I will be unable to play anymore. I need the ISK so I can play the game we all love by getting PLEX. Everybody else here will become spoiled and jump to spend it all at once on them selves. I, on the other hand, after getting about 50 PLEX, will help my fellow players by giving them modest amounts of money, not too much, but not too little either. I will be moderate in spending.


    My character is Pavlov Cheklov, and I thank you for being so kind to everybody on this post.

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