DUST 514

An EVE Player's Take on DUST 514

I played EVE on and off for nearly a decade so it’s reasonable to assume that I’m pretty excited for DUST 514. Or at least I was...at some point during 2012 I got sidetracked and stopped following the development of the game. Maybe it was my workload or maybe it was evolving tastes, but if I really had to, I would say that I lost interest somewhere around the time when it was announced as a PS3 exclusive. For starters, I didn’t have a PS3 at the time and secondly I just couldn't wrap my head around how a game with aspirations of major MMO integration could accomplish what it wanted to do on a console.

But in a few days the DUST beta will merge with EVE online’s servers, so I figured it was time to give it a shot. I purchased the mercenary pack and downloaded the game on PlayStation Network. By the time I reached the character creation screen I was already pleasantly surprised, they had kept some of the most hardcore facets of the MMO such as skillpoints, ISK and races. After much deliberation I opted to play as a Caldari Civire, a capitalistic and conventional soldier. I was eager to see how EVE’s almost limitless character appearance customization would fair in the switch to the PS3. But to my surprise instead of plethora of morphable attributes I was left to choose between four different avatars selectable by any race.

I was slightly miffed, but that didn’t last long as I was greeted with a loadout editor and an almost fully realized suite of menu options. Things like skillpoint queues, marketplaces tabs and even in depth load out editors reminiscent of ship loadouts in EVE. After I was sufficiently satisfied with my skill point placement and loadout I headed into the game to be immersed in the chaos of battle.

About an hour later I was back at my computer browsing Reddit and procrastinating about my next video. That's as long as I lasted, just an hour.

While the game is still in beta and I don’t want to condemn it just yet, I will say that my personal opinion is that DUST 514 was an idea with a lot of potential that has been partially, if not entirely, lost in translation. It’s free to play so you should definitely experience it for yourself, however I wish you the best of luck in overcoming the control scheme, the frame rate, aiming, limited weapon selection, a lack of map diversity and an inevitably short lifespan due to the impending death of this console generation.

So I will stop backhandedly complaining and cut to the point. DUST 514 should be a PC exclusive and should furthermore reside within the EVE client. Period.


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