DUST 514

DUST 514 Launches, Is It Really That Different From Beta?

Earlier this morning, CCP officially took DUST 514 out of beta and released the game into the wild. The PlayStation 3 exclusive shooter has spent a lot of time in beta testing, so why take the game out of beta now?

Has anything really changed from beta to release? Let's take a look.

Last week, DUST 514 received the Uprising update which was the final step before today's launch. Gameplay updates included:


  • New Overview Map and Spawn Screen UI.
  • Players are invisible / cloaked upon spawn for a few seconds.
  • New Kill Screen that shows who killed you and his/her statistics.
  • Major improvement to the login flow. Time to merc quarter reduced from 4:30 seconds to 1:30 seconds on average.
  • New character creation screen.
  • Increased EVE Online integration.

Drop Suits

  • New dropsuit roles and race/role-specific bonuses added:
    • Minmatar: Scout, Assault, Logistics
    • Amarr: Assault, Logistics, Sentinel
    • Gallente: Scout, Assault, Logistics
    • Caldari: Logistics, Assault, Scout


Brand new vehicles, including:

  • Enforcer HAV
  • Scout LAV
  • Assault Dropship

The mechanics and accompanying skills have all been tweaked as well.

At the end of the day, the just has spoken and the verdict is clear; DUST 514 has truly arrived at a point where CCP can proudly call this a release client. The game feels completely different from our time spent in beta testing and that is exactly how it should be.

If you played the game in beta, we strongly encourage you to go back and give it another spin because this is not the same game that you played even a month ago. CCP has introduced a wealth of changes to bring this game from its lengthy spell in beta testing to proper release and it's worth a second look.



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