3 Star Wars Games EA Should Start Working On

For better or worse, Electronic Arts will be publishing all core Star Wars games for the foreseeable future. Whether you love or hate the publisher, Star Wars gaming is officially in their hands and it's time to stop whining that EA has control over this beloved franchise and start whining about the games that they should be working on with their new license.

To that end, here are a few Star Wars games that EA really should be developing right about now. Now, not all of these are shooters but bear with us; we're Star Wars fans, too, you know.

Star Wars: Battlefront III by EA DICE

We wrote at length about Battlefront III yesterday, so we won't go into too many details in this post but suffice it to say that having Star Wars: Battlefront III brought back from the jaws of defeat would be nothing short of a miracle.

Putting DICE at the helm would be even more amazing, as they are one of the undisputed pioneers in the first-person shooter scene. 

Bringing the power of Frostbite 3 and the passion of the development team at DICE to Star Wars: Battlefront III would seem to be a perfect fit at first glance. 

EA has already mentioned that DICE is being pulled in to work on something in the Star Wars universe so it stands to reason that it would be a first-person shooter of some sort. Why build something from scratch when the Star Wars community is clamoring for Star Wars: Battlefront III?

With the creative freedom that this license offers them, DICE would be the only EA studio we'd want at the helm of developing a new Battlefront game - or any Star Wars shooter for that matter.

Star Wars Racer Revenge 2 by Criterion Games


It's been a while now since we've had a good Star Wars podracing game, and we think that the world is quite ready for another. The last popular podracing game was 2002's Star Wars Racer Revenge by Rainbow Studios, so it would be a nice homage for that game to get a sequel.

Criterion Games, the team behind the latest Need for Speed game would be an amazing fit to bring their mastery of high-speed racing to the Star Wars world. For the last 10 years, Criterion has nearly perfected the art of fast-paced racing games with titles like the iconic 2001 game Burnout to 2012's excellent Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

Things that we would want in Racer Revenge sequel would be:

  • Canon-accurate cast of characters who actually raced pods, not just a who's-who of Star Wars characters. 
  • Creative maps pulled from locations in the film series.
  • A fleet of unique pods with balanced stats - tighter handling results in slower acceleration and so forth. Criterion is great at this, they don't need our advice.

And please, Criterion, nobody wants to race as Jar Jar Binks, so let's not even go there.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed III by Visceral Games

Second only to Battlefront III, The Force Unleashed III is one of the games we most want to see EA give the green light to. We think the game would work brilliantly as a third-person shooter in the vein of Mass Effect and Dead Space.

In our eyes, the best formula is simple; take all of the best features from Mass Effect, the in-depth decision making, character development and tactical gun mechanics. Combine those features with the amazing level design and world building of Dead Space game and you have something delicious and incredibly exciting to play.

Visceral Games would be a great studio to work on The Force Unleashed III. EA has already pledged that the studio is ready to start work in the Star Wars world and they would be in a great position to draw inspiration from their own Dead Space franchise, as well as their fellow EA studio BioWare's stellar Mass Effect franchise.

As blasphemous as this may be to some, we would take this version of The Force Unleashed III over Mass Effect 4 any day of the week. There, we said it.

What do you want EA to work on in the Star Wars world? It doesn't have to be a shooter, let us know in the comments below and get creative!


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