Far Cry 3

Meet The Voices of Far Cry 3's Vaas and Dr. Earnhardt

Ubisoft has released a couple of really cool live-action trailers for Far Cry 3, in advance of the North American release of the game tomorrow.

We call them trailers for lack of a better term, as these videos are really something of a mix of behind-the-scenes features and live-action shorts. Clocking in at under 3 minutes, we can't call them short films but with the production level that Ubisoft has put into these, it seems a shame to call them 'behind-the-scenes' previews.

In the videos, Ubisoft gives players a look at what Vaas Montenegro and Dr. Earnhardt would look like in real life. If the characters impressions sound pretty good to you, that's because these are the actual voice actors that did the recorded dialogue in the game. These actors are nothing short of brilliant, and it is great to see the level of dedication they put into the characters by letting them act them out in front of the camera, as well as behind the microphone.

Far Cry 3 launches in North America tomorrow - December 4th, 2012. It has already released in Europe and folks across the pond seem to be really loving what the game has to offer. If you haven't pre-ordered yet, you still have a chance to do so at http://far-cry.ubi.com/.

Check out Vaas Montegro's feature above and take a look at Dr. Earnhardt's trailer after the break!



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