Far Cry 3

Rediscovering The Lost Art of Grenade Hunting in Far Cry 3

One of the great aspects of Ubisoft's open-world shooter, Far Cry 3 - released this morning - is the ability to hunt animals and use their resources to enhance your experience the open-world game. Bringing down deer or goats will enable you to craft new items, including much needed storage options for weapons and equipment.

Before you jump headlong into Far Cry 3, however, it's time we introduced you to one of the last, great art forms of mankind; Grenade Hunting.

You see, the art of Grenade Hunting is a practice that we don't think gets enough credit. When you're looking to take down some big game in the jungles of Far Cry 3, you may try to do it with a traditional weapon. And the animalmay laugh in your face as it runs away from harm, unscathed.

A well placed grenade, however, will provide guaranteed results, 100% of the time (that you are not facing off against a turtle).

Check out James' quick and handy tutorial on Grenade Hunting above, and make sure you subscribe for more great videos at http://www.youtube.com/FPSGeneral!


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