Far Cry 3

The Animal Lover's Guide to Far Cry 3

FPS General received the following missive from the Rook Islands Tourism Board earlier this morning.

The world of Far Cry 3 and the Rook Islands is a beautiful, breathtaking and oft majestic place. If you learn to ignore the sociopathic killers come to meet the unique individuals who lead the islands inhabitants and the fact that just about everything is trying to kill you, the Rook Islands can prove to be a beautiful vacation spot for your family!

The Rook Islands boasts a wide array of tourist attractions, including natural wildlife observation (don't forget to bring your camera, you'll want to Instagram these photos for sure!). Note that there is currently no cell phone service on the Islands as our wireless tower was recently overrun and all of its operators killed and thrown into the watery depths of the Pacific Ocean (a great place to take the family for a swim this time of year, the water's great!)

To help travelers acquaint themselves with the wildlife, that will ultimately try and kill you, our team has put together a handy 'Animal Lover's Guide to Far Cry 3'. There is a wealth of creatures inhabiting the islands, including bears, wild dogs, deer, tapir, leopards, sharks and so much more. If one should keep their distance from these animals, you may even come out of these wildlife encounters unscathed! Please do not feed the animals, as they rely exclusively on a diet of stray travelers natural prey according to their status as bloodthirsty monsters on the foodchain. Thanks, Darwin!

We hope you survive enjoy your time here on the Rook Islands and look forward to seeing you here real soon!

Paid for and commissioned by the Rook Islands Tourism Board


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