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Here is What Far Cry 3's Vass Was Originally Supposed to Look Like

Far Cry 3's sociopathic villain Vaas Montenegro is one of the most memorable characters from a video game in recent years. Making his debut at E3 last year, Vaas was an instant hit as the charismatically insane island inhabitant, noted for his 'did I ever tell you the definition of insanity' scene.

But what we didn't know, is that Vaas was not originally planned as we know him in the game. That was actually an inspiriation from Michael Mando, the character who was ultimately cast to play Vaas. At his audition, Ubisoft wanted Vaas to be 'stoic and unemotional' but Mando delivered something quite different from what they were looking for. He was turned down and sent home from the audition without a job.

A couple weeks later, Mando got a call from Ubisoft. They liked his audition, so they wanted to plan a small character around him and that persona. As you know, of course, Vaas became a major hit and was much more than 'a small character'. IGN has revealed some early concept designs that show Vaas as a tall, barrel chested brute that reeks of thuggish clichés'.

The character evolved, however, and became the very unique and iconic Vaas Montenegro that we've come to know and desperately-hope-we-never-meet-alone-on-an-island.

Check out some concept art after the break, including a full version of the image at the top of this post.

Source: IGN

Gallery: Vaas Concepts



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