Show Off Your Firefall Skills and Win Big From Red 5 Studios

Red 5 Studios has announced an awesome competition for this weekend's upcoming Firefall beta weekend, giving players a chance to show off their skills on the battlefield for a chance to win one of two Firefall prize bundles, including a Razer 2013 Deathadder and Goliathus mousemat as well as Red 5 Studios and Firefall memorabilia, not the least of which is the brand new Brontondon plushies.

The team will be doing three open beta stress tests for Firefall, but the Skillshot contest is just running this weekend. The competition starts alongside the upcoming beta weekend, on January 25th and through the 27th, giving players a chance to explore the riveting world of Firefall. The game takes place on Earth, two hundred years in the future.

As mankind strives to harness the clean energy of Crystite, a horrific energy storm engulfs most of the planet, destroying much of the planet's life and resources. As the humans struggle to rebuild, a mysterious faction known as The Chosen emerges to destroy those who remain.

Firefall is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer shooter but not in any way lacking the features of any other MMOFPS on the market. Players have access to customization, crafting, PvP, PvE and so much more in a massive, open environment. Plus, jetpacks.

Okay, now back to those epic Firefall prize packs. Red 5 Studios is asking for video clips - 90 seconds or less - showing off your most impressive skillshots and other feats of prowess on the Firefall battlefield.

A couple things to note: make sure that you do not use copyrighted music in your video and when you're all finished, publish it to YouTube and share it on the Firefall forums (or in response to this video on Red 5's YouTube channel, Stage 5 TV). The guys can't look at your video unless you follow these guidelines so stick to 'em!

If you're no great shakes at producing videos, you can also capture a screenshot of one of your greatest exploits in Firefall for a chance to be featured on the official Firefall Facebook page.

More information, and the full rules and requirements, can be found on the official site.

Don't forget that the next Firefall beta weekend is running from January 25th through the 27th and Red 5 Studios will be livestreaming the action over on Twitch this Friday, January 25th at 12:00 PM (Pacific Time). YouTube icons Athene & Reese will be hosting the event, exploring the world of Firefall and racking up their own epic skillshots.

Tune in and play this weekend!


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