FPS General Weekly News, October 29th Edition

We bring you a ton of news here at FPS General, covering all of the latest happenings in the worlds of our favorite first- and third-person shooters, and sometimes it's tough to stay up to date.

The FPS General Weekly News is your chance to get caught up on the biggest stories of the week, in one convenient location. Every week, we recap the biggest stories in the shooter community, giving you a one-stop resource to get yourself caught up on the biggest stories in this genre. 

This week, Cap'n James Lackbeard is delivering his nautical nonsense on the FPS General Weekly News just a few days shy of Halloween. In this episode, James is talking about Borderlands Legends, BioShock Infinite and our experiences at Sony Online Entertainment's fanfest in Las Vegas, SOE Live.

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Check out this week's episode above and have a great Halloween!


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