FPS General eSports Report, August 24th Edition

The world of eSports is an ever-changing beast, but we've got you covered with a new edition of the FPS General eSports Report.

If you're unfamiliar with the term, eSports is a word used for the community revolving around competitive gaming. The tournaments, brackets, leagues and communities that have sprouted up around competitive first-person shooters is nothing short of remarkable, and the FPS General eSports Report is your gateway to staying connected with that vibrant community.

In this weeks edition of the eSports Report, Andrew discusses the massive community support that Nadeo has been enjoying with ShootMania Storm, including the multitude of community maps and Nadeo's hope that ShootMania will be a major player in the eSports scene. Other topics discussed in the Report include an update on Major League Gaming and how Red 5 Studios is pushing Firefall to be a contender in the eSports market.

Check out the latest edition of the eSports Report above, and drop by YouTube to subscribe for more great shooter content every day.


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