Save States Coming to Minecraft in Curse Premium!

We're a pretty shooter-oriented community here at FPS General, but every now and then our parent site ( comes out with something too awesome to not share with you guys.

We've also noticed that Minecraft is pretty popular among the shooter community, so doubtless there are more than a few readers who will be thrilled to learn about some incredible new features coming to Curse Premium. If you've ever played Minecraft, World of Warcraft or a host of other games, you'll know that there are two ways you can get set up with the Curse Client; the free version and Curse Premium.

The Client is an awesome tool regardless of which route you go, and we can't recommend it enough if you play games that are supported by the software. But, for our money, we have really been enjoying Curse Premium. The return on investment is more than worth it, with stuff like one-click addon updates and and addon sync across all of your machines.

As for Minecraft, however, the Premium Client is going to soon be offering players the ability to save their state in Minecraft to be loaded at a later date. 

This feature, known as World Sync, is incredibly useful in a wealth of situations, but imagine for a second that you are working on a huge project in Minecraft, scrounging up a wealth of supplies and materials. You're making your way around the map and promptly find yourself burning alive in a pit of lava.

With the Premium Client, just load up the last save state and bam! you're back in the game like nothing happened at all.

This can be an invaluable asset to players who like to work on lengthy, detailed projects.

What's more, this upcoming weekend is Minecon - the annual Minecraft convention - and Curse is going to be letting users enjoy all of the awesome benefits of using Curse Premium in Minecraft for no additional charge throughout the entirety of Minecon. That means that starting on Friday, November 23rd and running through Sunday, November 25th, you can enjoy the World Sync feature in all its glory for free!

Just visit to get started!


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