Win a Nintendo 3DS From Our Friends at

The good people over at - the #1 site for all-things Pokemon - is giving away five Nintendo 3DS units for absolutely nothing, requiring nothing more than a forum post and free Curse ID. The contest is running now and is open to residents of the United States and Canada.

Entering yourself for a chance to win is just about as easy as it can get, requiring you to just reply on Marriland's forum thread. The reply can be anything you want, simple or in-depth, so long as you answer one of three questions:

  • How has Pokemon affected you?
  • What have you learned from Pokemon?
  • What is your favorite Pokemon experience?

Chance are, in the gaming community, you've had some experience with Pokemon, even if you never played the games, got involved in the TCG or watched the cartoon too extensively. With such a big franchise, you're bound to have a fun story that you can share.

So head on over to, submit your response to the topic and cross your fingers! Good luck to everyone who enters and make sure you check out everything that Marriland has to offer Pokemon enthusiasts.

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