Revolutionize Your Game With An Alienware X51

We're ringing in the New Year tonight, and one question on everyone's mind at the office is: How can we improve ourselves as gamers in 2013?  

What about you?  Have you thought about ways you'd like to grow in skill and expertise, or is there a large goal you'd like to achieve? From becoming better at jungling in League of Legends, to building a bigger and better redstone contraption in Minecraft, to building a map or mod for your favorite game -- there is a lot you can accomplish in a year.  What will your goal be?

Let us know, and you could win an Alienware X51 PC! The X51 combines itty bitty size with powerful versatility.  Be outfitted with some of the latest and greatest video and processing options and have an amazing HD gaming experience without taking up valuable square footage in your living space. 

If you're in North America, put your writing skills to the test and pen your submission in the comments section at, telling us about your gaming resolution for the new year in 100 words or less.  We'll pick our favorites to be answered via video on Curse Entertainment with a Curse expert or pro gamer.  You'll have around a week to submit, so jump on this soon!

May you have a happy and fruitful New Year!



  • #4 NateRios

    Don't forget, guys, to post your comments at to be eligible to win!

  • #3 wmonski3
    In my gaming resolution in the new year of 2013, I plan to adventure/create more in minceraft, dominate ranked online in LoL, finish new quests in Skyrim, and complete as many games as I can on Steam. Many games offer mods too, and I cannot wait to get started and test all of the upcoming ones out. Playing with my friends is the definitely best part about gaming. 2013 is the year of technology and gaming is going to be a key reason. To all the other gamers out there, I wish them the best. Happy New Year!
  • #2 loveaction

    oh it's so small and that alien face so funny))) why only for north america? not fair)))

  • #1 RedBear1989

    As you may know, League of Legends is one of the most popular PC games out there. My gaming resolution is to be come an even better AP (Ability Power) Carry on the fields of justice! Millions of people play League of Legends, I want to stand out.

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