Bayer and Able Planet Partner Up For Impressive Lines of Headsets

Over this past Holiday break, the press releases definitely slowed down and our inboxes didn't seem quite as hectic, but we did get one bit of information that caught our attention. We love a good headset around here, so when we read that Able Planet and Bayer are teaming up to revolutionize the current generation of headsets both for gaming and other applications, we got pretty excited. The initiative will combine Able Planet's already impressive sound capabilities with Bayer's ViviTouch® electroactive polymer technology to capture 'The Live Sound Experience', as they call it. 

Electroactive polymer technology (EAP) was new to us, but perhaps you are familiar with it. If not, here is a brief description of the technology straight from the folks at Bayer and Able Planet:

ViviTouch® electroactive polymer technology enhances the perception of loudness, while reinforcing clarity with a motion technology that enables conduction of sound to the auditory system through controlled contact with skin and bone. The technology comprises an extremely thin polymer film upon which electrodes are printed. This film is form-fitted onto an audio device and creates wide area surface contact with the skin, or the inside of the ear canal. A proprietary process allows the film to move nimbly when applied with current, resulting in a highly efficient transmission of the audio signal coherent with sound generated from the device driver.

Combining these methods of sound delivery is expected to result in unparalleled sound quality and speech intelligibility.

This partnership is basically a glorious mash up of two well known and respected companies and their proprietary technologies into one amazing product, designed to provide the greatest audio quality for gaming, communication, music and even devices for the hearing-impaired.

Able Planet and Bayer are going to be on hand at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week and we're looking forward to getting some hands on time with the product as well as some more information on when and where the product will be available. We spoke briefly to an Able Planet rep and he said that the product should be available shortly after CES. Who knows? Maybe we'll win a demo unit off of them in a game of craps. 

Stay tuned for more!

Note: the image above is a standard Able Planet headset, not the product described in this piece.


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