FPS General's Top 5 Co-op Games on Steam

Everybody loves a good Top 5 list and we're no exception. Just this morning, we began production on a Top 5 Reasons Everyone Loves Top 5 Lists before ultimately scrapping it for something more worthwhile.

Here to deliver our latest Top 5 list, we have James presenting a visual look at our favorite cooperative games on Steam. These are games that you and a group of friends can join up in for some good old fashioned fun. Whether it's battling together against a horde of enemies or working side by side to create something beautiful, co-op games deliver something decidedly different from a single player or competitive multiplayer experience.

Without further ado, check out FPS General's Top 5 Co-op Games on Steam above and grab Steam links in the list below. The rest of this post is filled with spoilers if you haven't watched the video yet.

Let us know what your favorite co-op experience is, on and off Steam, in the replies!


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