Top 5 Free 2 Play Shooters, Now With Video

Not too long ago, we gathered up the staff to brainstorm on a list of our favorite free to play shooters, both first- and third-person. It became apparently almost immediately, however, that as much as we all love shooters - our opinions differed greatly as to which games are worthy of a Top 5 List. To that end, we created individual lists.

After we all submitted our final picks, we noticed that some games tended to show up on more than one list. In the case of Team Fortress 2, in fact, it was chosen as #1 on every single list.

In that spirit, we compiled a Top 5 list video that does its best to average out the games that turned up on our list in a universal Top 5 Free 2 Play Shooter list. Without further delay, check out the video at the top of this list and if you'd like to check out the original piece, you can do so at

Let us know which games you think we missed in the comments!


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