Top 5 Most Memorable Campaign Moments in Call of Duty

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Call of Duty, a franchise that has widely became considered as the benchmark of the FPS genre. Since Call of Duty 4’s resounding success in 2007, we've seen exponential growth within the franchise and the industry itself; where many competitors have tried to mimic its success, to little or no avail.

Call of Duty’s resounding success may stem from its high-octane thrills and spills in the form of multiplayer, however, we can’t forget the true core aspect of the franchise and the roots of its initial allure: the campaigns. As the years have progressed, we have seen some of the most brilliant minds within the entertainment industry combine to produce Call of Duty campaigns – most notably with the latest installment into the franchise,  Black Ops 2.

Despite each Call of Duty title building a formidable campaign, many gamers still deter away from them and opt to play multiplayer, which is unfortunate to say the least. Regardless of this, a portion of gamers still turn to the Call of Duty campaigns as viable source of solo entertainment without the quarrels of multiplayer, and have been handsomely rewarded for it through the excellent narrative that each campaign provides.

It’s here, within the aforementioned minority of gamers, that we see one of the most heated Call of Duty debates: What is the best Call of Duty campaign moment?

Editor's note: this post will contain spoilers so proceed with caution!


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