Shooters Of The Generation: #10 Left 4 Dead 2


With us now rapidly approaching the next generation of consoles where backwards compatibility won't be an option (for now at least), FPS General has been looking back at our favourite shooters of the generation.

Ever since GoldenEye's critical success, shooters have thrived on consoles and became a staple part of the hardcore gamer's diet. Through its success, many other titles have followed suite and enjoyed a wealth of success on their own; shaping the shooter market into one of the most vibrant, congested genres within the industry.

As we venture into the unknown climate of the next-gen consoles, FPS General thought it would be wise to pay homage to the titles that have redefined our shooter experiences over the past eight years and helped us get to where we are today as gamers.

Over the course of the next two weeks, ten instalments tributing games that have shaped the shooter genre into one of the most prominent around are coming your way; ultimately counting down to the game that we feel has redefined console gaming. 

This generation has been littered with zombie-themed games dead-set on emulating Resident Evil's success on the previous generation, and one recurring theme has been the zombie shoot 'em ups.

It was in 2008 that we seen a definitive, exhilarating shooter burst onto the market in the form of Left 4 Dead - a great game itself which was close to making our top 10. However, it was in 2009 that we seen the sequel, Left 4 Dead 2, hit shelves and instantly dazzle with a stream of highly positive reviews across the board; earning it an 89 Metascore.

Left 4 Dead 2 done what every great sequel should; follow its predecessor's success closely, enhance its core elements and add a potent mix of new, exciting features to make the game worthy of being part of the franchise. Featuring a more fleshed out campaign culminating into five different segments that are much more expansive than its predecessor's four, Left 4 Dead 2 offered fans a much more intricate look at the game's protagonists - which was a notable shortcoming last time around.

This boosted the immersion in many ways. By giving us more time with the cast, we were allowed to develop a much better understanding of who they were and how they all came together as a group. This was something that the original instalment failed to address; while we got to spend a decent amount of time with each character, they never really felt relatable - leading to eventual loss of interest.

It was Left 4 Dead 2's online experience that truly catapulted the game onto our list though. Know as Versus, L4D2's multiplayer quickly established itself as a heavy-hitter within the industry; receiving a barrage of praise on almost every review from the media. Pitting two teams of four against each other, players were thrown into a battle between survivors and an assortment of bosses from the game; such as the Boomer. Each time you played as the infected, you were treated to a lush variety of zombies to chose from; with The Jockey being a personal favourite due to its potent mix of being both comical and dangerous. As you can imagine, Jockeys literally rode on the back of survivors to slowly steer them towards more devastating bosses such as the Charger. The comedy never failed to leave even when you were on the survivors side of things. Having another player latching on to your back and guiding you towards a Charger was a hilarious experience that you couldn't possibly gripe about - mainly due to laughing so much while manically screaming for help.

In terms of providing players with a wealth of fun that encourages co-operative play, Left 4 Dead 2 is no doubt one of the industry's hidden gems. In a generation laden with games trying to emulate Call of Duty, Valve opted to offer shooter fans a more laid-back experience that still preached to the competitive gamer in many of us, and for that reason, it slots in at number 10.


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