Halo 4

Preview Spartan Ops in Latest Halo 4 Trailer


343 Industries has released a brand new trailer for Halo 4, showing off the episodic Spartan Ops multiplayer mode. Season One begins on November 6th, when Halo 4 hits shelves in most major regions.

But what is Spartan Ops?

Spartan Ops is a way to extend the campaign experience in Halo 4 while taking some friends along for the ride online. Along with a party of 4 Xbox Live users, players will be able to carry out some cooperative missions, built from the ground up for Spartan Ops. These missions will be continually updated post-launch, so brand new content is never too far away for you and your squad to undertake.

Think of Spartan Ops as a way to bridge the gap between singleplayer and online multiplayer. There are plenty of players who never bother to take their Halo experience online as well as folks who never crack open the singleplayer portion of the game. Spartan Ops is a way for players to get that storytelling experience with friends online, giving them a taste of what it's like playing with other players.

Check out the trailer above and visit http://www.fpsgeneral.com/games/halo-4 for more information on Halo 4.


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