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Spartan Ops Continues in Upcoming Halo 4 DLC

343 Industries struck gold with Spartan Ops, the episodic co-op mode that shipped with Halo 4. Spartan Ops was brand new to Halo, having never been featured in the series previously and we have really enjoyed our time with it. The only complaint we have is that once you finish, there really isn't any replay value beyond playing it with again with new teammates or to show a friend what it's all about.

Today, however, 343 announced that episode's 6 - 10 will be released starting next week, spanning across 5 weeks of DLC. 

Today Microsoft and 343 Industries announced the return of Spartan Ops: Season One, which includes five weeks of brand-new content – from 21st January through to 24th February – returning players to the episodic adventure that tells the continuing story of the UNSC Infinity. 

Reenlist with Fireteam Crimson as they search for Spartan Thorne on planet Requiem and come face-to-face with the threat of Jul ‘Mdama and his cult of Covenant separatists. The intensity of Season One builds to its thrilling conclusion in Episodes 6-10 as the battle moves beyond Requiem to a wide variety of locations featuring epic vehicular combat and on-foot encounters with Prometheans and Covenant forces.

This content includes new cinematic episodes to watch as well as accompanying Spartan Ops missions to play through with your squad. All of these missions and cinematics will be released free of charge to everyone with a copy of Halo 4.

OXM has the hands-on with Episode 6, so give it a look!


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