Meteor Entertainment Launches Final Closed Beta Phase for Hawken

Today marks the start of the last iteration of closed beta for Meteor Entertainment's mech shooter, Hawken, before the game will make the leap into open beta next month.

We've been in closed beta for a while and we must say that Hawken is a gorgeous experience. The mechanics are incredibly solid and we don't expect that much will need tweaking in that department before the game goes into open beta. If you're not familiar with the genre, mech shooters are basically third-person shooters but instead of playing as infantry, every player takes control of a massive, mechanized battle suit. Players are able to customize their mech much in the way that they would customize a soldier kit in Battlefield or Call of Duty.

Meteor has also launched the Vanguard Initiative which will let you pay for the free to play game. In exchange for your money, you will get varying amounts of in-game currency (depending on the bundle you pick up) as well as cosmetic items and XP/Credit boosts. Check out all of the various options at http://www.playhawken.com/#presale/.

If you've already played Hawken in previous beta test phases, make sure that you uninstall previous Hawken clients and reinstall the new game client from the link you should have received via email this morning.

Hawken is due to launch in open beta on December 12th, make sure you visit http://www.playhawken.com/ for more information on the game.


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