Hawken Looks Amazing With Nvidia PhysX

Nvidia has released a brand new trailer, in partnership with Meteor Games, showing off the effects of Nvidia's in-house PhysX technology in the free to play mech shooter Hawken.

To start with, Hawken has a lot going for it even without factoring PhysX into the fold. Unreal Engine 3 powers the game as players engage in epic battles from the cockpits of their mechs, wielding multiple weapons on totally customizable loadouts. To look at it, Hawken doesn't appear to be a F2P game at first glance and that has a lot to do with the powerful tech that the game is built upon. Part of that tech is the aforementioned PhysX technology, available exclusively from Nvidia. If you're not familiar with it, PhysX basically takes games to the next level in what they can do with physics in games that are running on Nvidia GPU's.

Games like Borderlands 2 and Hawken make use of PhysX on PC to step their games up and deliver an unprecedented visual experience. Check out the trailer above for an example of what we're talking about and visit http://www.geforce.com/ for more information on PhysX itself.


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