Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer Class Preview

What is the best new upcoming first-person shooter?

An age old question for us gamers, one specifically of interest in the fall season when most triple-a shooters seem to arrive. Most would spout off something about Call of Duty’s latest iteration, maybe some Halo hype, or maybe, just maybe, something about some new series or reboot that is going to take the FPS world by storm. Sadly, that almost never happens.

Even when the amazing titles do get released, they usually never skyrocket in popularity and are relegated to obscurity, or worse, hipsterity. Have you played that game bro? No, no I haven’t, go away. That’s why FPS General is here to explain a little what the new Medal of Honor is all about.

You may have seen the ads, the rage surrounding the marketing campaign, and oh, did you hear? Buy it now for access to Battlefield 4 beta! Unfortunately for Medal of Honor: Warfighter, it got the short end of the stick with its big brother Battlefield keeping all the love to itself, but don’t write it off just yet.

Danger Close Studios, the company behind Medal of Honor: Warfighter, has been doing amazing things with this title and recently at PAX and at their development studio in Los Angeles, FPS General had a chance to take a good long look at the game up-close with a few others .

To say that the game is fun, creative, polished, and worth your time is a pure understatement, and I certainly didn’t use enough adjectives. Those are not words I expected to say, and I’m sure, most of you to hear. The first reboot was clanky, badly paced, and just a little annoying. Truthfully, I wouldn’t want a sequel to that game. Which is why when I played Warfighter, and everything I hated about the previous title was fixed, I was sold.

So without further blathering lets get right to it shall we, why should you buy and play Medal of Honor: Warfighter this season? Keep reading to find out!

Let’s break it down into things most FPS players are familiar with: Maps, Weapons, Classes, Game Types, Unlocks, and Support Actions (Killstreaks).

First up we are going to break down Classes. Most of you, I’m sure, are familiar with games that have class systems in them, where there are a limited selection of classes, with different abilities and strengths, that you can then customize to your hearts content. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but as with most of Warfighter, they have polished them up perfectly, balanced them out, and given them all some cool features.

Warfighter has a total of 6 classes, each just as fun as the last: Sniper, Demolitions, Heavy Gunner, Pointman, Assaulter, and Spec Ops. Without breaking them all down to the point of boredom, let me give quick breakdown of their class abilities and the types of situations you can expect to use them in so you can decide for yourself which class you want to play.

First on our list of classes is the Sniper, and first it should be. I played a lot of my time with this class and came to love it not only for its versatility (surprising), but also for it’s ability to help hold down points/maps/bombs/etc. The sniper has a plethora of long-range rifles to choose from along with a stock automatic pistol, the G19, for self defense. Alongside those 2, you also get 2 timed proximity mines, and to top it off, the class ability is a bipod for your sniper rifle which boosts mini-map efficiency and detection as well as decreased sway.

Second on the list is Demolitions, slightly misleading in title, but no less awesome for it. Demolitions users can expect to wield some mighty machine guns, light machine guns, and assault rifles, as well as a pistol for secondary defense. But to leave it at that would be cutting the class short, and we’ll have none of that. Demolitions has the unique ability to go into a so-called “Tank Mode”, where the user is granted extra armor to fend off their enemies and explosives. While the numbers might still be fluctuating, it adds roughly an extra health bar to your character which allows you to draw fire or soak up those extra bullets.

As a trade off for such an awesome ability you get heavily decreased speed and maneuverability, but I don’t think anyone was expecting to go speeding off with this enabled. This class excelled well at times and in spots where a distraction or a little fear could cause your team to get the final kill or cap that flag.

Just beware, once you lose that extra armor, it ain’t coming back, so watch your back!

Moving on to our 3rd Class, we have the Heavy Gunner. Similar to the Demolitions class, you also get some decently heavy weaponry, albeit with a little better accuracy and range. Once again a pistol serves as your secondary, but would you really need to switch to it? I think not. The Heavy Gunner has a similar ability to the Sniper as it also has the ability to reduce sway and boost mini-map efficiency via bipod. This class is all around decent with good speed, awesome weapons, and good effective range.

Pointman is up next, and it doesn’t disappoint. Once again, as with most, Pointman has a large selection of nice rifles to use as well as a pistol as a secondary. The most important thing with Pointman though, is his ability, Heavy Hitters. Heavy Hitters, for one clip and one clip only, do much higher damage than normal bullets and reduce sway and recoil. You basically become a powerhouse, but with the same health and speed as before. Used correctly, you can down quite a few opponents quickly, and even a Demolitions in Tank Mode. Overall this class is fun for those who like to hold down points and defend bombs as no one will want to get near you, and if they do? Well, they might not be alive so long.

Rounding out number 5, we have one of my favorites, aside from the Sniper class; Spec Ops. Spec Ops has a large array of submachine guns, assault rifles and, once again, they are right alongside a pistol for secondary. But don’t let it’s similarity fool you, Spec Ops has a quite sneaky class ability. First off, it’s fast. Like really fast, and while this isn’t its class ability, it is nice. Second, its actual ability is to peer through walls and floors for a mere short amount of time, quickly and easily locating all enemy team members.

Now now, this sounds overpowered, we know, but they’ve done it in a way that makes it actually quite hard to see through all the muck that shows up when the ability is triggered. Noise and artifacts fill the screen and rush around as enemies are highlighted in an orange glow. Obviously, even still, this is a great ability, but it has to be used wisely. With the cooldown on this ability being quite long, make sure you don’t use it too soon!

And last but not least, we have the everyman’s class, the Assaulter. Just like Spec Ops, it’s decently fast, has access to a large array of SMGs and rifles, and pistol for backup. Differing it from the rest of the pack though, is that its special ability is actually another weapon; a 1 shot grenade launcher. I know many of you may erupt in disgust at this point, but hear me out. Although the grenades are one shot kills if close enough to the target, that’s it. That one shot can never again be replenished or rearmed.

Amid other persistent class abilities like Spec Ops and proximity mines, I’m willing to overlook it.

Along with all classes, each one gets a grenade or two depending on the class and, of course, all have access to a mini-map and other such normal UI standards.

That does about sum up the various classes, although I’m sure when you pick up a copy of the game and play you will learn a lot of more about them individually and as a whole as you play.

So with Classes down and out, we have Maps, Game modes, Support Actions, Weapons, and Unlocks left. But at this point I think you’ve read a decent chunk, so we are going to release the last few over the next couple days to give you some breathing room and to, of course, get excited for the game!

So check back tomorrow for our next article on Medal of Honor: Warfighter where we will cover some of the awesome Maps and Game Modes we had a chance to play with.


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