Natural Selection 2

7 Days of Natural Selection 2 in One Infographic

Natural Selection 2 has only been available for one week, but already fans are checking in from every corner of the globe to experience what the game has to offer.

This is no ordinary first-person shooter, but rather a completely refreshing blend of real-time strategy mechanics and classic FPS gameplay. In Natural Selection 2, one player is designated as Commander of each team. This player experiences a top-down view of the real-time battle on the ground. Their job is to collect resources, research upgrades and build structures to lead their team to victory. Players on the ground, however, experience classic first-person shooter mechanics and are able to follow out orders assigned to them by their Commander.

So, what does one week worth of Steam sales and gameplay look like? Check out the infographic above to see some in-depth information from the first week of Natural Selection 2 activity. Make sure you click the image to view the full size infographic.

Check out Natural Selection 2 at!


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