PlanetSide 2

Composing the Soundtrack in PlanetSide 2

Sony Online Entertainment has released a brand new video for PlanetSide 2, taking players back to the beginning of the development cycle for a session with composer Jeff Broadbent, audio director Rodney Gates and producer Assaf Rinde. This is the first in SOE's 'Behind the Battle Lines' series, which will take players behind the scenes on various aspects of PlanetSide 2 development at SOE.

We're suckers for video game music so it was fascinating to hear some insight into the writing process that went into the main theme for each faction. As Gates describes in the video below, each theme was crafted not only to be a great musical piece, but to reflect the culture of each faction. Composer Jeff Broadbent actually sat down with Rodney Gates to discuss PlanetSide 2 and get a proper feeling for the factions and what they represent. Using that conversation, he was able to compose the unique themes that we hear in the game every day.

Check out the video below!


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