Sink Your Teeth Into Free Primal Carnage DLC

Reverb Publishing has announced that they have released some brand new DLC for their first-person shooter Primal Carnage. The dinosaur vs human chaos just got more chaotic with a brand new game mode, one new map and one modified version of an old map as well as one brand new dinosaur to kill with and be killed by.

The Spinosaurus is a fearsome predator and serves as the final objective in your path in the brand new 'Get to the Chopper' game mode.

This game mode tasks players to make their way through various objectives as they attempt to reach a helicopter that will escort them from the hell that they have encountered on the island. Naturally, their are hordes of dinosaurs awaiting them at every checkpoint so it's not going to be easy reaching that chopper and getting yourself to safety. As you make the last rush to the chopper, the Spinosaurus makes his debut with a one-hit kill bite from his jaws and lethal claw attacks. 'Get to the Chopper' is played on a brand new map, known as Downpour. The jungle-themed map seems like the perfect setting for this kind of game mode.

The best part about all of this DLC? It's completely free of charge to everyone who owns Primal Carnage.

Check out some screenshots of the DLC in action below and visit for more information on Primal Carnage.


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