Ravaged On Sale For 50% Off, $4.99 This Weekend

2Dawn Games has announced that to celebrate some massive DLC that is coming to Ravaged next week, they are slashing the price of the game in half, making it available for just $4.99. Picking the game up today will also get you the DLC next week for no additional cost.

To sweeten the deal a little more, 2Dawn has released some new content in the game in advance of the main DLC drop that will go live next week. Today's update introduces a bunch of new weapons and some new features and bug fixes, including:

  • New Weapons (DAO-12 Shotgun, Nail Gun, MP7.)
  • New Unlock System (Silencers & Scopes.)
  • New Squad Interface.
  • Squad Voice Over IP (VOIP.)
  • Fix for the Server Browser.
  • Fix for when a retail Ravaged copy was showing up as a DEMO.

Ravaged is on sale right now over at 2Dawn.com and while the deal is not available through Steam directly, purchasing the game on 2Dawn.com will get you a Steam key for Ravaged, anyway.


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