2Dawn Games Rolling Out Free DLC to Ravaged

2Dawn Games this morning has released some brand new content in Ravaged. The update brings new vehicles and weapons to the multiplayer-only shooter, as well as some new features and tweaks, as well.

“This new DLC Pack is a gift from us to our community,” says 2Dawn Founder Boris Ustaev, in a press release. “We strongly believe this new assortment of maps, vehicles, and weapons will increase the chaotic team-based fun so many people have already enjoyed — with a whole new level of depth and replayability. And the best part? It’s free.”

The Apocalypse DLC Pack, as they're calling it, features:

  • Devastating New Vehicles: The Tractor Tank, Quads and Trikes with two seats, and the new Mini Chopper with mini guns on both sides for both the Resistance and the Scavengers
  • An Arsenal of New Weapons: The new weapon unlock system offers players the brutal Nail Gun, AK-47 (with scope), AK-47 (with silencer),.357 (gold colored), Mp7, M16 Scope, M16 Silencer, MK16 with Ironsight, and AN94
  • Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VOIP): Players can now voice chat with their squad instead of using a third-party option
  • One New Map: Introducing The Dust Bowl, a large map for vehicle gameplay
  • More Visible Squads in UI
    • Auto-Kick: For players that don't spawn for three minutes
    • New Skins: Three new skins for the mini-helicopters

If you haven't picked up Ravaged, yet, the game is on sale in Steam's Winter Sale for just $4.99. Check it out!


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