Exclusive Ravaged Interview With Carsten Boserup of 2Dawn Games

Earlier this week, FPS General had the chance to chat with Carsten Boserup, from 2Dawn Games, on their recently released first-person shooter, Ravaged. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and features an amazing array of weapons and vehicles, with an emphasis on vehicular combat.

Both the vehicle and shooter mechanics are solid and a ton of fun to play, with a variety of both aerial and ground vehicles to choose from and a massive arsenal of creative weapons.

With Ravaged having launched, 2Dawn is shifting into post-launch mode, beginning to work on balancing tweaks and DLC for the game.

With the first major DLC add-on just being release for free last week, we thought this would be a great chance to chat with Carsten and see how the team is faring post-launch.

Check out our interview below!

(Note: some of these interview questions were written before the release of the latest DLC add-on)

How long have you been working in the industry and what led you to it? Did you always want to be in game Community management?

I’ve been a hardcore FPS player and active in the gaming community for years, but started officially working in the industry this year with 2Dawn.

Prior to that I hadn’t really thought about becoming a Community Manager (CM), but I always followed CMs from other game studios and often thought that I could probably do a better job if I had the opportunity.

How did you come to work on Ravaged, and what did you do for the title? What was your favorite part to work on?

Back in 2011 I managed a successful competitive event for Homefront’s launch and later some of the 2Dawn developers asked if I was interested in providing feedback for Ravaged as well as helping to recruit additional alpha/beta testers.

While doing this I saw a lot of potential in the game and really enjoyed hanging out with the devs. After spending a lot of time together and playtesting they asked if I wanted to be part of their community management and I said yes. I developed ideas on how to manage the community and communicate with players and presented that to the 2Dawn guys. That’s when they decided to bring me on as their full time CM.

My favorite part of working with Ravaged is without doubt the daily contact I have with the community whether it’s on forums, Steam chat, or on our public TeamSpeak (ts.2dawn.com). Games always have fans and haters but I learned that if you approach the haters with respect and took on some of their good ideas they could be turned around. Listening to the players’ feedback and ideas is my favourite part of the job. I remember when I was just gaming, I wished that the game developers would listen to me and my ideas, so that is what I want to do for the 2Dawn community and bring them closer to the development team.

Keep reading for the rest of our Ravaged interview with Carsten Boserup of 2Dawn Games!

When working on Ravaged, what did you feel was the hardest part of the project and what is the hardest part now?

The biggest challenge is dealing with the negative players or haters. After working with the 2Dawn guys I came to love the game and the team behind it. So when players are trashing the game I feel like they said something bad about my friends or family. Another big challenge is to get through to the those players and help them be constructive. Of course, working with these players, getting them to be constructive, and eventually like the game gives me a huge morale boost.

With the first DLC just around the corner, what are you currently working on for the future?

The free Apocalypse DLC was just released in time for the “real” apocalypse! I am currently reaching out to Youtubers, Live streamers, and other gaming communities. I organize and manage events and gatherings for our players. I always try to bring the community closer together and make them feel a part of the game and its future development. We’ve got so many cool features on our plate based on the community feedback and I want to see it all come to life so I do my best to interpret the ideas from the community and make the pitch to the developers.

And last but not least, is there anything you'd like to say to Ravaged fans or anything about the future of Ravaged for those interested?

First of all, I want to thank the Ravaged community for sticking by thick and thin. They are really helping us move forward. Our “door” is always open and we will listen to your feedback and ideas. Help us to make Ravaged the game you want to play.

Many thanks to Carsten Boserup and the team at 2Dawn Games for taking the time out of their busy schedule to chat with us. Check out Ravaged on Steam and on the official website at http://www.2dawn.com/!



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