Ravaged Gets New Modes, Vehicles and Weapons in Free DLC Update


Good news today for everyone playing Ravaged, 2Dawn Games' post-apocalyptic shooter, as the team announced that the game would be receiving a massive DLC update completely free of charge.

The update includes new game modes, new weapons, vehicles and more, expanding the multiplayer offering in Ravaged. Namely, you're looking at:

  • Two New Game Modes
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Highjack Mode: Hijack Mode offers players the chance to fight for control over the all-powerful Dump Truck, a massive mobile fortress.
  • One New VehicleAvailable only in Highjack Mode, the Dump Truck becomes the ultimate power target, pitting players against each other as they scramble to control the monster power vehicle.
  • Two New Weapons
    • The Chainsaw
    • The Flamethrower
  • Improved XP: Ravaged now displays accumulative Experience Points when they are awarded.
  • Reduced Ammo: Reduced access to ammunition encourages players to scavenge for weapons and ammo to stay alive.

If you haven't started playing Ravaged yet, there really isn't any reason to put it off any longer. This is the second free DLC expansion for the game, and to begin with it will only set you back $9.99. You really can't go wrong, so check it out on Steam!


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