The Dead Linger

The Dead Linger Build 003a Now Live, Developer Diary Released

Sandswept Studios has released a brand new alpha build for The Dead Linger as well as an accompanying developer diary, explaining some of the new content.

The full changelog for build 003a can be found at the source link below, but some of the notable changes in this update include:

  • Load screen now establishes instantly when running or joining a game.
  • Sounds (except music) do not play in the loading screen anymore.
  • Add refresh button to server list.
  • Player count now shows on servers. Instead of “0/0”, Current/Max will now show properly.
  • Objects no longer jitter or wiggle around when they should be sitting still on the floor or ground.
  • Fixed a few cases where you would crash on disconnect from server.

The update will automatically download and install when you fire up The Dead Linger's executable (so long as you previously updated to build 003), so don't worry about any confusing installation instructions. If you're not in The Dead Linger alpha test, you can do so by visiting

The alpha test is very early, so you can help directly shape the future of the game with your feedback. Hit the link below to view the full changelog and we'll see you in the game!

Source: The Dead Linger


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