The Dead Linger

The Dead Linger On Sale For $19.99, Build 005 Released

Sandswept Studios has released alpha build 005 for The Dead Linger this week, bringing the game ever closer to beta and, ultimately, final release. The changelog for this update, which is being dubbed Feliz Navidead incidentally, is pretty hefty like most of the previous alpha builds for the game. This time around, the update includes a handful of new weapons including the powerful .308 Vegas rifle and, probably the one we're most excited about, a Katana melee weapon.

Some of the other highlights include:

  • There is a new type of ammunition in the game. (.308)
  • There is a new, rare, and more powerful .308 scoped rifle – the Vegas Rifle.
  • There are a few new melee weapons, including a Katana.
  • There are some new furniture pieces to be found in the world.
  • Certain items have had their spawn rates tweaked. Firearms in particular should spawn quite a bit less often now.
  • Multiple improvements have been made to the console window.
  • Players now have visible backpacks. This is one step closer to swappable backpacks, which are planned in a very near update. We will have more information on the Kickstarter backpack reward later on.
  • Firearms now spawn in the world with at least 1 box of ammunition.
  • Zombies no longer slide around as much in the distance.
  • Other crash and bug fixes.

As always, the full changelog can be read at In addition to this fresh new content, Sandswept has dropped the price of The Dead Linger to just $19.99. There's no timeline on this price drop, so make sure you pick it up now and get in on the alpha early!

If you're in the alpha, or if you're looking to learn more about the game before picking it up, make sure you visit the official Dead Linger Wiki at!


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